Rechargeable 16 Modes Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

  • ✔The perfect tens machine PAIN RELIEF device by sending electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin to underlying nerve fibers,it can help to ease the sub-health, relieve tiredness and shoulder tension, improve sleeping quality and activate collaterals to relief your body pain.


16 Modes Electric Pulse Impulse Tens Unit

Using modern human body simulation technology to simulate ancient Chinese therapeutic methods and digital programming technology, your control unit has several different massage modes such as: Knocking, Acupuncture,Cupping,Tapping,Shiatsu-Deep, Sensitive Parts Massage Mode etc.

Our pain relief devices use Electrotherapy technology, which is a treatment that uses voltage electrical currents to relieve pain and provides other therapeutic benefits. A gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are attached to the skin near the site of the pain or discomfort. The pulses send electrical pulses through the central nervous system, thus blocking pain receptors. Exactly the same way as a strong painkiller would work.


1.Use the pads only on normal, healthy, clean and dry skin.Do not use the pads on open wounds or rashes, or over swollen, red, infected or inflamed skin.

2.Not suitable for child , pregnant women, hypertension patients, people with skin problems, sensitive skin, people who recently undergone a surgical procedure.

3.Please do not use the pads on the same body part for more than 30 minutes.

4. Please replace the pads after using 15-20 times.


How to choose 16 modes:

1.The “M” cycles through the 6 big modes, the silver middle button allows choices (from 2 to 4 varieties) within that mode, totally 16 small modes (1.Lateral palm kneading 2.Flat palm kneading 3.Crosscut fist kneading 4.Vertical fist kneading 5.Acupuncture 6.Moxibustion 7.Acupuncture kneading 8.Rubbing reduction 9.Tapping 10.Fibrillation massage 11.Lifting-pinching manipulation 12.Vibrating manipulation 13.Thai massage 14.Shiatsu 15.Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 1 16.Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 2)

2.The “T” cycles through times from 10-60 minutes, and the “+ & -” change the pulse strength. Every time you change modes, the strength resets to the minimum which make sense because you don’t want to accidentally start with the strong or the high mode.

Package Included :

1*Electric Impulse Tens Unit

4 pair of self-adhesive conductive reusable gel pads (8 pcs pads)

3 sets of electrode wires

1*USB Wire

1*AC adapter (110V-240V)

1*pads holder


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