10 pcs Oval Makeup Brushes Set


How to use:
1#. Sweeping Brush : Concealer & Power & Foundation
2#. Concealer Brush : Concealer & Power & Foundation
3#. Concealer Brush : Concealer & Power & Foundation
4#. Foundation Brush : Foundation & power
5#. Loose Powder Brush : Power & Foundation & concealer
6#. Eye shadow Brush : Eyeshadow & Eyeliner & Concealer
7#. Eyeliner Brush : Eyeliner & Eyebrow & Concealer
8#. Small Eye shadow Brush : Small eye shadow & lip & Eyeliner
9#. Eye shadow Brush : Eyeshadow & concealer & Eyebrow & lip
10#.Smaller Concealer Brush : concealer & Eyebrow & lip

How to clean:
1.Run the bristles under the little warm running water.
2.Apply a dime size amount of gentle shampoo to the bristles and work into a light lather.
3.Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water.
4.Keep on rinsing until the cosmetic leaves the brush.
5.Let the brush air-dry.
Kindly remind, please clean the new brushes when you first use them.

Material for hair: Bristles
Material for handle: Synthetic resin

Package include:
1x 10pcs KEDSUM Makeup Brushes
1x Travel Bag
1x User Manual

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♥Perfect 10 pcs set: The oval brushes set covers all of your makeup needs. Makes contouring quickly and easily and spreads your makeup well for face, lips, brows, nose, cheeks, chin, eye in the way you like.
♥Soft and denseoval bristles: With high quality bristleswhich feels like like soft goose feathers, it is stiff enough to blend cream products nicely but soft enough that they feel so incredibly soft on the skin, even on your eyelids and under eye areas.
♥Bendable toothbrush design:Synthetic resin material makes handle be able to bend up to 90° so they don’t feel like they will break on you even if you are heavy handed. Meanwhile, with anti-slip coating and ergonomic design,these brushes feel nice in your hand.
♥Blends flawlessly: They spread the makeup well with cream and liquid foundations and concealers, baked eye shadow, cream and powder blushes and bronzers, and loose translucent setting powder and really bring out the pigments.
♥Refined package box and travel bag:You didn’t have to make any extra room for the brushes which results with a refined box and convenient travel bag. No matter daily use or travel ,it must be a good choice!

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