Portable Baby Sleep Soother

  • 6 Premium Quality Sounds: 6 smoothing sound- lullaby, shush, fetal heart, rain, white noise and waves, are available on this baby white noise machine. The sound machine helps new mom soothe her baby to fall asleep quickly as well as calm baby down long during babies newborn photo. A revolutionary tool that uses a sound therapy technique to help soothe fussy infants and toddlers.
  • 30 mins Auto- off & Voice Activation: The sound machine will stop automatically after 30 minutes, then go into standby state. It will be activated by voice sensor function when the noise more than 70db. This baby sleep machine helps you smooths your baby if she/he wake in the middle of the night and cry.
  • Rechargeable Battery :Built in Li-Ion 1800mAh rechargeable battery, fully charged about 5 hours and can play 10 hours. You can use the USB cable to attach a USB adapter(not included) or USB port electronic device to recharge.
  • Volume & 6 Sounds Adjustment: Power switch knob and sound volume can be adjusted on the top of the product. Gently turn the top of machine(heard “ click” sound) to switch on. Then rotate it to adjust the volume. Rotate the bottom of the sleep machine to adjust 6 smoothing sounds. You can choose the most comforting sound for your baby.
  • Compact & Portable: The hanging rope makes it easy to hang around your backpack, stroller and cribs. The small size easily stash it in the diaper bag,school bag and handbag.It’s easily take it everywhere for baby ,student and adult.(Size: 1.57*3.15*3.94inches)
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KEDSUM Baby Sleep Soother-Perfect gifts for new parent!
☞ While your newborn keeping crying and screaming, that’s because your child have not adapt to this world yet (the sounds in our real world make him feel unsafe).
☞ Our baby sound machine will help you solve this problem. The Baby Shusher incorporates 6 sounds-lullaby, shush, fetal heart, rain, white noise and waves.The rhythmic sounds reminds baby of being inside mom.Instantly soothes and calms your baby.
☞ Safely stop baby from crying! Perfect gift for baby newborn and new parent.

Product Parameters:
Materials: ABS
Lithium battery: 3.7V/1800mAh
Product Size: H98×77mm
Weight: 0.29lb
Cable Length:47.24inches
DC :5V

How to use:
Switch knob and volume adjustment
The power switch knob is located at the top of the product, gently raotate the upper part of the machine(heard” click” sound) to turn on and play the sound corresponding to the current selected gear automatically; at the same time, turn the knob to adjust the sound volume.

Sound description:
The sound indication area is located at the bottom of the product and is directly the apposite the product, from left to right, corresponding sound effects are lullaby, shush, fetal heart, rain, white noise and waves, turning bottom sound,respectively. The product will loop the triangle icon corresponding to the gear sound.

Voice sensor function:
After the product enters the standby state, if still want to play the sound, it can trigger the sound before the standby state through the voice sensor; it can also turn the bottom switch to play the corresponding sound.

Package Included:
Soothing sleep sound machine*1
USB cable*1


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