Portable Camping Shower Rechargeable Battery Powered Compact Shower Pump

  • Rechargeable: The portable camping shower with waterproof rechargeable battery which can extend battery life and can be charged anywhere via USB. Very convenience and perfect for camping, travel, boating, fishing, pet cleaning.
  • Durable and powerful: Camping shower with 2200mAH battery, once fully charged can work for 35-45 min, which can make sure you will have a constant happy shower.The water flow is up to 2.5L /min,offers ideal and powerful water pressure to help make bathing easier.
  • Easy Assembly and Operation: Just fully submerse the pump in your bucket/tub of water and turn the motor on,it will pumps water from bucket into steady, gentle shower stream and you get a nice flowing shower.
  • Hands Free Operation: Suction cup and S-hook are included,use the suction cup to securely stick to any flat surface,or use the S-hook to hang it from the tree, with 70.8 inches hose more convenience to using.
  • Portable and Easy Installation: Weighs only 21.9 ounces, each part is detachable, easy to carry and store in the backpack and trunk, easy to install when using.Perfect for camping,hiking,kid bathing,pet cleaning,car washing, plants watering, windows and backyard cleaning or scouring with sand at the beach.


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This product has a 70.8inch flexible hose that can be moved for a variety of outdoor activities,such as camping outdoors, pet cleaning, plant watering.The weight of this product is very light,and the various components are detachable, it is very easy to carry in the trunk and the backpack.When using,it will provide suction cup and s-type hook, just hanging the suction cup in the smooth surface and the s-hook hanging in a tree, a pole or anything that can be hung.

Do not leave appliance unattended while it’s working. Switch the unit off and remove from water when not in use.
Do not use the shower with water from the sea, pool or river or with any liquid other than water.
Ensure that the base of the pump is fully submerged in water before operation.
Do not use damaged power cord or plug and charge only with correct voltage as listed on the shower plate. Using improper voltage may result in damage to the motor and possible injury to the user.
Before use, ensure that there are no broken or worn parts and that all screws are fully tightened.
Do not remove the cover plate or attempt to disassemble the product.This will void all warranties
Product specification:
Water flow:2.5 L/min
Battery Capacity:2200mAH
Using time:35-45min
Charging way:Any USB output of 5V, 0.5-2A
Charging time:2-5H (Depend on spec. of different charger)

Package Included
1 x Filter cover
1 x USB Charging Cord
1 x Hose
2 x 2200mAh Batteries
1 x shower head
1 x O-ring
1 x Suction Cap
1 x Hook
1 x Pump
1 x Outlet connector
1 x Holder


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