12W LED Nail Lamp Nail Dryer-One-button Control

  • Fit for almost all kinds of LED GEL Nail Polishes
  • Auto-off feature,Easy-to-use with single button design
  • No need to replace the lamps. Highly efficient five LED light with a life span of 5000
  • 4 Kinds of preset time controls (10s, 30s, 60s, 300s), you can choose the proper time according to your needs
  • Ideal product for get your nails does beautifully on your own time at home without spend lot money at salon. Note:This is a travel nail lamp, so it is not big enough to fit your whole hand in at once, you would have to do the thumb seperate.



KEDSUM Powerful 12W LED Nail Dryer-4 Kinds of Time Controls

It quickly and safely dries LED-cured gel nail polish in seconds. It features settings for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 300 seconds with Automatic Shutoff,Easy-to-use with single button design.

Product Compatible Model:
Please make sure whether your nail polish works with this product. If you use the wrong product, your gel will start peeling and cracking, moreover, it can’t dry your polish at all. This LED nail dryer can work with LED Gel polish. Any LED GEL Polish etc.

Kindly note:
1. Because it is a small travel nail lamp, it may be not big enough to fit your whole hand in at once, so you would have to do the thumb seperate.
2. It is normal for gel polish to remain sticky until you wipe off the residue with cleaner. You can use the cleanser/alcohol after curing each coat and then it won’t be sticky and will give you a smoother surface.
3.Please be kindly aware that it is normal for base coat and gel color coat to remain sticky. The top coat would seal it!
4.Please do not apply any gel on the skin/cuticle, or put the coats on too thick, or you might feel a burning while curing.




Dries nails in seconds

4 kinds of time setting 10s, 30s, 60s,300s

Auto-off feature,One press button control

No harmful UV rays,Bulbs never need replacing

Cures the Manicure ANY LED GEL polish,Not for gel nail builders


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