2-in-1 Digital Baby Scale,Multi-Function Pet Scale

  • ♥Precise and Reliable Measurement :Designed with configure high-precision sensors, baby weight scale provides a precise measurement. With max capacity of 220 pounds (100KG) measures in 0.4 ounce (10g) increment. This toddler scale helps to know how much food your baby will get or provides you a chance to witness your baby’s growth in between doctor’s visits.
  • ♥Height Measurement Design: With an intimate design that height measurement inside the tray ,this toddler scale is a good choice for newborn babies which not only can read the weight but also record the height tracking to meet your general curiosity on how the baby is growing.
  • ♥Double Usage: This kind of baby scale is with removable tray,which allows you to take the tray(baby part )off and use it as a regular scale for children , teenages or adult.What’s more, following the growth of your baby, you can also use it to get the weight tracking while your baby grow into a toddler ,child, teen, or even adult in the future!
  • ♥Tare,Hold and Unit Button: You can place a towel or blanket on it and it can calibrate zero weight automatically through press Tare Button so the baby is comfortable when weighting. During weighting, even when the baby jiggled around on it, the weight was easy to maintain through press Hold Button. Besides, having kg, oz and lb units is definitely a plus that nicely complements the very good accuracy of this item.
  • ♥Digital Display: The blue backlight digital display is large and easy readable ,offers you precise message and you can see clearly even in dark place.
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KEDSUM 2-in-1 Digital Baby Scale

KEDSUM 2-in-1 Digital Baby Scale is a very well designed and solid scale, which is a good choice to keep track of your baby weight and height at home. With the foldable design and 220lb(100KG) capacity, it is very easy to convert to a toddler scale from a baby scale just by removing the tray off. Because of the “Tare” feature ,you can zero out diapers or clothing that the child might be wearing. The “Hold” feature makes it easy to get an accurate weight on squirmy babies. With “Unit” converted feature, you can also convert the unit (kg,oz,lb) as your desire.

1.Technological Parameters:
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Large measuring range:0.22-220pound(0.1kg-100kg)
Height measuring range:0-27.5inch(0cm-70cm)
Precision:4 ounce (10g)
Error: ±0.3%
Product weight:4.5 pound

2.How to Use:
① Assemble the tray and scale body.
(Tips: Please ensure the lock fixs the scale securely to make sure the scale is safe for your baby.)
② Place the scale to the table、desk or other plain surface place.
③ Press “ON/OFF” button to turn on the scale.
④ After the display shows “0”, you can put the baby on it to weight. Press “UNIT” button to change the unit(Included kg、oz、lb).
⑤ Put the baby on the tray plainly to weight and the digital display will show the weight of the baby with the unit as you choose before.
(Tips:Please ensure the scale is installed firmly before putting your baby ,which ensures the scale is safe to your baby.)
⑥ Press the “HOLD” Button , it can maintain the weight on the screen. Press again, it will cancel the holding data.

Tips:This kind of baby scale is with removable tray,which can very easy to convert to a toddler scale from a baby scale. If you use the scale without tray, just please hold your baby upright on the scale, and place the baby’s feet so that the weight is evenly distributed.

3.Package Included:
2 x Tray Branches
1 x Scale
1 x Manual
2 x AAA batteries




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