Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Holder

BEST FOG FREE: No need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog free spray, only splash with hot water over 140℉ once during each shower。[Note:According to the principle of fog free, the temprature of hot water filling into the mirror should be higher than the temperature of your shower water and your bathroom.]

FLEXIBLE ARM: 360° flexible arm for a closer, every angle look of your face. Easy to Install, Super Strong Power Lock Suction Cup.

RAZOR HOOK: Position separate razor holder wherever you want; including attaching it to the mirror itself

READY TO USE: NO need to warm up before each use, just fill with over 140℉ hot water into the mirror container to start your work right away, also Easy to Clean

BEST GIFT: Ideal for your complete and enhanced shaving or makeup removal experience. This is the gift you need to buy for any man in your life!



KEDSUM Fogless Shower Mirror

KEDSUM Fogless Shower Mirror features fog free, strong suction cup, 360 degree rotating, and its modern design, nice looking, compact structure, easy to use, perfect for looking your best.

【Principle】KEDSUM Anti-fog Bathroom Mirror adopt the principle that the hot water reduce the current temperature to get the temperature difference, making the water vapor in the air can not be atomized soon.

1.According to the principle of fog free ,when the temperature of the hot water is higher than the temperature of your bathroom, then bathroom’s air will not liquefy on the mirror and the mirror can fog free too. So if your 120°F to 125°F shower water cannot let the mirror fog free , we suggest you fill with over 140°F hot water.
2. Need to install the base of empty mirror on the wall first, then fill with the over 140℉ hot water(We suggest) into the mirror before each use.
3. Need to ensure the base lock to the wall firmly, please clean the area you plan to place the mirror and make sure the base does not get wet, otherwise cannot lock the slippery base easily.
4. Suggest to reset the suction to stick on the wall/mirror each 30days to avoid the mirror fall down after one or two month.

1. Rip off the plastic protective film from the suction cup
2. Clean the wall and suction cup
3. Lock the base to attach to the smooth surface
4. Fill with hot water over 140℉ (We suggest)
5. Pour the water out of the mirror

– This fogless mirror requires to attach a clean, flat and smooth surface with lock/ unlock twist base otherwise the suction may not work.
– Our fogless shower mirror will adhere to surfaces such as ceramic, marble, acrylic, porcelain, enamel, and other mirrors.
– Our no fog mirror WILL NOT stick to surfaces such as drywall, wallpapers, stucco, or any textured walls.

Package included:
1* KEDSUM Fogless Shower Mirror
1* Instructions Document



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