1850GPH Aquarium Circulation Pump

  • ★HIGHER FLOW RATE: KEDSUM Wave Maker Pump can flow up to 1850GPH, ideal for fresh-water or salt-water
  • ★360° ROTATION: Allow full flow directions, water can be sprayed to each corner of the aquarium, imitate the natural flow, greatly benifit to fish and clean the residue
  • ★Strong Suction: suction cup mounting feet for either vertical mounting, contains no seals or messy oils, energy-saving and low power consumptioneasy to install
  • ★LOW NOISE: This aquarium circulation pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service
  • ★EFFECTIVE OXYGEN DISSOLVED: KEDSUM Aquarium Circulation Pump ensure higher dissolved oxygen content and make the flow and waves effectively, perfect for Arowana, Parrot fish, Koi Carp.
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KEDSUM 1850GPH Aquarium Circulation Pump – 12W

Generally KEDSUM aquarium circulation pump is widely used in large-scale fish farming, such as: Arowana and Koi Carp. In the smooth water such those fishes will become stubby and obesity body, and be not conducive to maintaining beautiful shape, therefore KEDSUM 1850GPH aquarium circulation pump can make artificial flows and waves, to create the similar river environment, fish can move upstream in the flow water, sway strokes. Meanwhile, greatly increase the dissolved oxygen in water, the full exchange of microorganisms in water. It is conducive to the growth of fish.

Attention Tips:
1. 12W KEDSUM Wave Maker Pump fit for 1.9-3.3 Feet length fish tank
2. Suggest for 100-135 gallon aquarium
3. The inner shaft will be with a bit little little lubricant to ensure the motor is working well, not suitable for your more sensitive fish or plant like sensitive corals.​
4. It is not suitable for tiny fish like tiny Neon tetras
5.This is a circulation pump which will creat constant flow, please be carefully when you use it for sensitive corals .
Power: 12W
M. Flow Rate: 1850 GPH
Voltage: AC 110 – 120 V @60Hz
Power cord: 95 inch

Package Include:
1*KEDSUM 1850GPH aquarium circulation pump


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