48W-24W LED UV Nail Lamp Nail Dryer

♥Power Adjustable Function: Pressing ON/OFF(1/2) button 3 seconds , you can switch the nail dryer’s power from 48W to 24W. A high-low power setting allows you select 24w for longer time so that there is no burn on (most) base coats, and 48w to use on color and top coat. It cures all of your gel polishes fast!

♥Timer Setting or Automatic Sensing: With 3 timer setting-30s, 60s, 90s , you can choose the properly time as your request .What’s more, featuring auto-sensing function, hands in, lamp on, hands out, lamp off, which is very convenient to use and doesn’t waste energy being on when you don’t need it to be.

♥Easy to Use: It is light weight and very roomy. You can get your whole hand or foot in and easy to remove the bottom-plane for cleaning the residual glue or curing your foot. Saves you a ton of money and time being able to do your own gel manicure at home.

♥Protective Light: With new LED lights which is closer to white light, this nail dry can not harm your eyes and protect your skin from being black.

♥Long Lifespan: Super efficient LED light with a life span of 5000 hours, no need replacing the lamps, perfect for curing your gel polish at home and salon. What’s more, this nail lamp is designed with 2 heat emission holes ,they helps cool the nail dryer ,protecting the dryer from overheat.

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KEDSUM 48W-24W LED UV Nail Lamp Nail Dryer features half-circular beautiful design, 48W-24W Power adjustable high-low setting , practical function with quick curing and auto-sensor and 3 timers will meet your application, enjoy your beautiful, long-lasting gel color! Enjoy your own nail salon at home!

★COMPATIBLE: KEDSUM 48W-24W Nail Dryer with 24pcs led light source beads, allow efficiency and professional cure, can cure both UV and LED gel polish efficiently.
★TIMER SETTING: This nail lamp come with timer, 3 kinds of preset time controls (30s, 60s, 90s).What’s more, it has a smart sensor. When you slide your hand/foot in, it comes on automatically.
★Half-circular design, comfortably for curing fingers or toes, ideal for both home and salon use.
★Long lifespan LED. Highly efficient LED light with a life span of 5000 hours.
★The bottom-plane is removable, it is convenient and easy to clean the residual glue.

1. It is normal for gel polish to remain sticky until you wipe off the residue with cleaner. You can use the cleanser/alcohol after curing each coat and then it won’t be sticky and will give you a smoother surface.
2.Please be kindly aware that it is normal for base coat and gel color coat to remain sticky. The top coat would seal it!
3.Please do not apply any gel on the skin/cuticle, or put the coats on too thick, or you might feel a burning while curing.



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