200pcs Adhesive Cable Clips

  • ▶Double-sided foam tape makes super sticky. Strong adhesive make it grip firmly, and lock a wire in place once closed.
  • ▶Easy to use.No need to punch a hole or attach any screws.Come with 200 pieces in total,creative approaches is available as you like to utilize them.
  • ▶Attach to a smooth, clean surface such as glass, plastic,metal,porcelain,ceramic,but make sure you clean the surface with alcohol wipe to ensure a strong bond.
  • ▶Space-saving! Fantastic solution for routing cables.It is handy and perfect for cable wire management! Especially in car with little clearance.Free from annoyance of mess wires.
  • ▶Application: Work with any type of small diameter wire, application wire diameter ranges from 0-0.2inch(0-5mm),such as network cables, mouse cables, keyboard cables,Christmas lights cable,string lights cables, USB cables etc.
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KEDSUM 200pcs adhesive cable clips are convenient, space-saving, and easy to use. They will work with any type of small diameter wires, as long as there is a smooth, clean surface to stick to. The adhesive is good and they lock really well around smaller cables (network, mouse, keyboard). You can use them to fasten down cord in car, organize the wires for your desk, get control of your office cords, hang up your string lights to the wall or window. It can help keep your place neat and organized, free from annoyance of mess wires. Great for cable organization!

1.Initially clean the area with alcohol,and allow drying naturally.
2.Peel off the sticker, paste them.
3.Attach to a smooth, clean surface such as glass, plastic,metal,porcelain,ceramic.
4.Use your thumb to press them in for the first 5-7seconds.
5.Do not put any weight on them for a few minutes until the adhesive really sticks.
6.Put the cables into the clip and lock it in place.
7.Avoid move it frequently.

Package include:
200pcs Cable Clips


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