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Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Therapy System


Product Description

KEDSUM White Noise Machine, Aiming to provide you the health and happy life

1.Cover up the external noise, to create a stable sleep environment.
2.Create a sleep environment, to achieve deep sleep.
3.White noise can effectively shield snoring, don't need to wear anything to shield the snoring.
4.Portable sleep sound machine,you can take it on your next business trip, vacation, or family adventure.
5.Help you to focus on your attention, improve your learning and working efficiency.
6.Reduce your pet's anxiety caused by sudden shock, such as fireworks or thunder rumbles.
7. 2 Lullaby, Help babies to sleep and produces a consistent, steady sound to mask noises which might otherwise wake them - naptime or nighttime.
8.Excellent for sleep at night or during the day, speech privacy, snoring, studying, tinnitus, pets, meditation and much more.

Place on Where:
1.If your house insulation is poor, you can put it on the wall, which can reduce the noise of the neighbors.
2.To put it under the window can be more effective to block the traffic noise on the road.
3.You can also put it in the place where you feel the greatest noise source.
4.The distance of less than 1 feet is not recommended for use at any age.
5.For children and infants, do not recommend to use it whthin 3 feet.
6.For Adult , the best use range: 2 feet -6 feet.

Package includes:
1 X KEDSUM sleep machine
1 X USB cable
1 X AC adapter
1 X User's Manual

Instruction Manual & Driver