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Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts


Product Description

1.KEDSUM Sili Mitts are heat resistant up to 572 F/ 300℃ and the silicone outer shell is completely waterproof,this means no more hot water burns or steam burns when doing your daily cooking ever again!
2.KEDSUM Silicone Mitts are made with a high-quality silicone outer shell and a soft quilted lining made of 100% polyester cotton, offering you superior protection and comfort.
3.Silicone Mitts are long enough in length to cover your arms from far-reaching grease spatter or burns from the oven rack while cooking your family's favorite dishes!
4.It’s breeze to care for your silicone mitts,wash them with warm soapy water and hang them up to dry good for using at the next time.
5.The Silicone Gloves and Mini Oven Mitts are with hook design, you can hang on the wall when they are free to use.
6. Keep in mind with using Silicone Mitts not up to 572 F/ 300℃

Package Included: 
1* Pair of KEDSUM Silicone Extra Long Oven Mitts 
1* Pair of KEDSUM Oven Mini Mitts 


Material: Silicone & Polyester
Color: Red/Green
Silicone Gloves Size: 13 X 7.08 inch 
Silicone Mini Oven Mitts Size: 3.74 X 3.34 inch
Total weight:13.75oz

Instruction Manual & Driver