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7-in-1 Electric Soldering Iron Gun Kit with LED indicator Adjustable Temperature



Product Description
Size:Adjustable Temperature

KEDSUM 60W 110V 7-in-1 Electric Soldering Iron Gun Kit with LED indicator Adjustable Temperature

KEDSUM Version-Ⅱ soldering iron kit are pretty handy for both beginners or the experienced who need a portable solution.

How to solder:
1. Before use. Replace the tips to ensure tight enough; Prepare all solders and soldering iron; Suggest to start with low temperature at 300℃ for the first time.
2. Heat up. Plug in, coat with the wire on heated parts (not tips) till solder melts to test then select a fit temperature ASAP since the iron heats up fast; Clean with wet sponge for ready.
4.Soldering. Put the tip and solder wire close enough to the joint on PCB, then tip needs to be quick coated with the wire, quick touch with the joint at the same time, when solder melt, need to remove within 1s-2s in a direction of 45°, power off to be done. (Please do not heat the PCB for long time and do not coat with the solder too much)

How to remove solder:
Press the desoldering pump until hearing the click sound, put the tip and pump close enough to the joint, when the solder melt and flow freely, click the pump quickly, remove ASAP. If necessary, repeat the steps.

1. Do not replace the tip when heating to avoid burning. 
2. Do not heat the iron when not use, should power off and cool it if necessary, otherwise will shorten its life.

Power&Voltage: 60W @110V
Soldering iron gun: 7.0”(L)
Power cord: 59.0”(L)
Temp. Range: from 200℃ to 450℃ (392℉ to 842℉ ) 
Solder Tin Wire: 0.039”(OD), 0.35 oz

Package Included:
1 * Soldering iron gun
5 * Extra Soldering iron tips
1 * Desoldering Pump
1 * Solder wire
1 * Stand with cleaning sponge
1 * Anti-static Tweezers
1 * Tool carry case
1 * Manual

Instruction Manual & Driver