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Blue Magnet Aquarium Glass Cleaner Aquatic Algae



Product Description

KEDSUM Handle Design Magnetic Fish Tank Glass Cleaner 

This is a ultra-strong magnetism cleaning brush with handgrip design, specially adopting 4 neodymium (Nd) magnets. It's comfortable and relaxed to operate the cleaning brush with tiny body. 

Open Method: to rotate magnetic cleaner in the horizontal direction as the picture [because the Magnet is too strong, please do not pull up and down to open it ]
Correct using method:Please correctly use the cleaner as shown in below: Cleaning according to this direction of back and forth as show in the picture; Cleaning according to this direction of up and down as show in the picture

1.Keep away from children as the product with the ultra-strong magnetism. 
2.Not placing the hand and fingers between the inside brush and outside one in case of wounding 
3.Ensure the products get great cleaning effect at next time, please keep magnetic brush in a tidy status after using.
4.Not setting the Scrubber sinking or soaking in the water [especially in sea water] in the long period in case of corrosion.
5.Stay away from vulnerable to the influence of magnetic objects or instruments, like mobile phone, magcard, cardiac pacemaker, ect. 
6. Please deposit it in package box when not in use and keep away from high temperature environment, as you know high temperature place will degrade the magnetism. 

Material: ABS*4 Neodymium (Nd) magnets *PVC Plastic 
Colors: Blue 
Size: 5.3x2.4x3.8 inch 
Net weight:0.39kg
Suitable for 2.6Feet--4.9Feet Length and 0.39Inch-1.18Inch Thickness Aquarium Fish Tank 

Package Include: 
1* KEDSUM Magnet Aquarium Cleaner 
1*Operating Manual

Instruction Manual & Driver