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Green Magnet Aquarium Glass Cleaner Aquatic Algae


Product Description

KEDSUM Floating Aquarium Algae Magnet Cleaner

This is a revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae.

Please Note: 
(1) Open Method: to rotate magnetic cleaner in the horizontal direction as the picture [because the Magnet is too strong, please do not pull up and down to open it ]
(2)Correct using method: Please correctly use the cleaner as shown in below: Cleaning according to this direction of back and forth as show in the picture; Cleaning according to this direction of up and down as show in the picture
(3) When the scraper arrive the bottom of fish tank, be careful not to carry with sand to avoid scratching the glass. 
(4) Please keep the algae scraper away from the high temperature place, as you know high temperature will eliminate the magnetism. 
(5) This product is not suitable for those who installed a pacemaker as its strong magnetic force, and 10-year-old children as well, to prevent pinch hands. 
(6) Please stay away from all kinds of fear of magnetic products, like monitors, televisions, watches, magnetic cards, etc.

Material: ABS+PVC Plastic 
Colors: Green 
Size: 5.3"*2.83"*3.62" [Handgrip space: 1.46"(H) * 3.03"(L)]
Suitable for 3.94Feet - 8.20Feet Length 0.55Inch - 0.79Inch Thickness Aquarium Fish Tank 

Package Include: 
1* KEDSUM Magnet Aquarium Cleaner 

Instruction Manual & Driver