7 Women’s Makeup Tricks That Cunningly Imitate Natural Beauty

There are women who look like they’ve never even heard of cosmetics and their beauty comes entirely from nature and a healthy lifestyle. However, if you look closely, it turns out that there is as much makeup in their lives as a fashion model’s, except the difference is that it’s applied so skillfully that any makeup artist would be amazed. We found out all the subtleties of using makeup to get the perfect natural look and we’re ready to share them with you. 1. BB or CC cream instead of foundation Several years ago, these products really shook up the…

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24 Awesome Beauty Tricks to Brush Up Your Makeup Skills

People from all over the world spend hefty sums of money in their attempts to look beautiful as quickly as possible. But what most people often forget is that it’s usually the small things that count the most when it comes to looking put together. It’s sometimes enough to brush or blow-dry your hair in a different way to make it look better, healthier, and stronger, for example. And some people have found such solutions for almost every kind of self-care. We have collected tips and tricks that will help you be beautiful and confident without emptying…

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8 Ways to Get Skin Care Benefits From Everyday Makeup

A recent survey shows that the average woman will spend nearly $15,000 on makeup products in her lifetime. We’ve found ways for you to get your money’s worth from this huge investment. Nowadays there are a lot of products that combine skin care and makeup. Choosing the proper cosmetics and following several simple steps can make your face as beautiful as it is healthy. Here the best tips for “makeup with benefits.” Read on and your skin will thank you! 1. Choose makeup products for your skin type. In most cases the majority of makeup…

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17 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs to Know

It’s always nice when you buy new cosmetic items, but the money spent on them can get out of hand. The good news is that there are other simple, budget-saving methods that can help you look like a million bucks. We collected the best cosmetic life hacks via Bright Side – for you that will help you look gorgeous without spending much money. Don’t miss our bonus at the end of the article! 1. Eyebrow brush instead of a scrub You can use a clean eyebrow brush in order to remove dry…

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9 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Gorgeous

The gamut of makeup is so vast and complex, it’s easy to get confused by it all. It’s assumed that good makeup is expensive and requires a specialist to use correctly. But the reality of this is a little different. Knowing a few makeup tricks will not only make it look like you just got your make up done but more importantly, it will help you look and feel gorgeous! We created a list of easy-to-perform makeup tricks that are totally worth knowing. Use aluminum foil to increase the effectiveness of cream masks. The effectiveness of any cream mask can be substantially…

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5 steps for makeup removal that are a must if you want to keep your skin looking young longer

Science claims that women seem more competent when they wear makeup. And we’re used to thinking that applying cosmetics requires a specific technique and a lot of time. But we forget that washing it off is also no simple matter. Removing makeup is a special ritual that needs to be taken seriously. We outlined 5 simple steps that will help you remove makeup without damaging your skin. Believe us, just washing your face is not enough. Step 1: Before removal Makeup removal begins with the preparation for this process. So first, you need to purchase the necessary set of facial cleansers. If you…

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The Ultimate Makeup Guide You Can’t Live Without

The makeup world is so immense and has so many tricks and secrets, getting lost in it is all too easy. Bright Side created the following infographic to help you work out what your perfect makeup routine is. Here, you can find great advice on how to look amazing — both from day to day and on special occasions. Save this page right now, you’re going t look absolutely flawless!

12 Makeup Tips That Can Make Your Life Much Easier

There is no need to spend a lot of money and hours in front of the mirror to look awesome. Sometimes several small tips can help save time and help you earn the reputation of a makeup guru. We collected the secrets of professionals and amateurs for you that will definitely make your life easier. 12. Get the effect of a gel eyeliner from an eye pencil. In order to get perfectly straight and thin lines from a classical eye pencil, you can melt the tip of the pencil with the help of a match or a lighter. This trick will help you get…

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11 Pro Makeup Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

Makeup artists always have tricks up their sleeves that they use to create a perfectly made-up face. Sometimes, such tricks help artists to save a lot of time and money. We decided to learn more about the tricks they use in their work. We are sure that you will find them useful. We want to share non-obvious, yet effective tricks from professional makeup artists. 1. Wash your sponges before you put any product on them. Wash your sponges right before using them and pat them dry with a towel. Spread the product on your…

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10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

For many of us perfect makeup may sound like using lots of professional products and spending hours in front of the mirror. But, there are smart ways to do it quickly, easily, and creatively like drawing hashtags on your eyelids or using a fork for perfect lines. These tricks may sound surprising, but they will help you apply quick and eye-catching makeup. We’ve collected some life hacks for applying perfect makeup and we can’t wait to share them with you! 1. Use a fork for perfect contours. Who knew that a simple fork could…

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