10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

For many of us perfect makeup may sound like using lots of professional products and spending hours in front of the mirror. But, there are smart ways to do it quickly, easily, and creatively like drawing hashtags on your eyelids or using a fork for perfect lines. These tricks may sound surprising, but they will help you apply quick and eye-catching makeup.

We’ve collected some life hacks for applying perfect makeup and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Use a fork for perfect contours.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Who knew that a simple fork could work as a good makeup tool? Use a fork for applying a dark contour on the sides of your nose, for eyebrow makeup, or for drawing the perfect cat eyeas.

2. Try this “hashtag” eye makeup.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Draw a hashtag in the corner of your eyelid and carefully blend it. If you want a deeper color, draw another hashtag on the blended area.

3. Use a spoon as an eye makeup tool.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Another kitchen utensil that may come in handy when doing makeup is a spoon. A spoon will help you keep your skin clean when applying mascara, or create perfectly cut creases when applying eye shadow.

4. Use a hair dryer to help your lashes stay curled for a long time.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

After you’ve done your makeup, dry your eyelashes with a hair dryer guiding the air stream upwards. The heat will curl your lashes and help them last longer and look gorgeous.

What could be worse than leaving a stain of mascara on your eyelids when your makeup is almost done? Wiping the wet stain right away will make the things even worse. Instead, let the mascara dry for a couple of minutes and remove it with a clean spoolie brush afterward.

6. Add a “strobing” effect to your lips with the help of simple lip gloss.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Makeup artist Chloe Morello suggests applying glossy lipstick on your cupid’s bow and the lower part of your lips right over the lipstick you are wearing to create a “strobing” effect. This is a good trick to turn your daily makeup into “night out” makeup in just a few seconds.

7. Use baby powder to get super thick eyelashes.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

If you want to get the effect of false lashes without actually using them, this hack will help you. Apply the first coat of mascara onto you eyelashes and, while the mascara is still wet, apply some baby powder over it (you can use a brush or a cotton bud for doing this). Apply the second coat of mascara right over the powder. To get a still stronger effect you can repeat these steps.

8. Get a thick and smudgy line on your eyelids in seconds.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

If the line of your eye pencil is not thick enough, it’s quite easy to fix it. Take a match or a lighter and hold the pencil above the flame for 1 second. Let it cool for 15 seconds and apply. You’ll see that the line you get now is much thicker and intense. Be careful not to apply a hot pencil on your eyelids! Let it cool and try on your hands first.

9. Make your lipstick smudge-proof.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Apply the lipstick, put a tissue onto your lips and dub some translucent powder into your lips through the tissue. Now your favorite lipstick won’t smudge on your shirt or a cup of coffee. Check out this video to see how this trick works.

10. Turn a round makeup brush into a flat one with the help of bobby pins.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

Flat makeup brushes are used for creating thin and neat contours. But what if you don’t have one? Take a round makeup brush, put 2 bobby pins on the base of the brush and push them up until you get the fan shape.

11. Line eyelids and curl lashes at the same time.

10+ Hacks to Apply Gorgeous Makeup in a Flash

What could be better than being able to do 2 things at a time when you are in a hurry? With an eye pencil draw a line along the edge of the lash curler. Use the curler as you usually do, just try to get the edge as close to your lashline as possible. Press and release the handle a few times to ensure the result.

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